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Company Profile

■ Trade name Jonan Kotsu co., ltd.
■ Location Head Office: 1-13-25, Kawauchi, Asaminami-Ku, Hiroshima-Shi, Hiroshima-Ken, 731-0102
Nakamachi Office: Socio Tower 14F, 9-5, Nakamachi, Naka-ku, Hiroshima-shi, Hiroshima-ken, 730-0037
Senda Office: Hitoto Hiroshima The Tower 47F 48F, 1-1-6, higashisendamachi, Naka-ku, Hiroshima-shi, Hiroshima-ken, 730-0053
■ Garage 1-13-25 Kawauchi, Asaminami-Ku, Hiroshima-Shi, Hiroshima-Ken, 731-0102 1-14-1 Kawauchi, Asaminami-Ku, Hiroshima-Shi, Hiroshima-Ken, 731-0102 6-42-3 Kawauchi, Asaminami-Ku, Hiroshima-Shi, Hiroshima-Ken, 731-0102 5-2-12 Kuchita, Asakita-Ku, Hiroshima-Shi, Hiroshima-Ken, 739-1734 5-2-14 Kuchita, Asakita-Ku, Hiroshima-Shi, Hiroshima-Ken, 739-1734
■ Establishment February 1, 1973
■ TEL +81-82-877-2900 (main)
■ FAX +81-82-879-4788
■ E-mail
■ Business line General charter passenger car transportation business (chartered bus)
General passenger passenger car transportation business (taxi)
General passenger city type hire business (China No. 333)
Driver agency business (Hiroshima Public Safety Commission No. 173)
Location bus business (general ) Member of Roquebus Association)
Location Coordination Real Estate Business
■ Capital 10 million yen
■ Fiscal year February
■ CEO Teruyuki Okatao
■ Bank
  • Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation
  • Hiroshima Shinkin Bank
  • Iyo Bank
  • Momiji Bank
  • Hiroshima Bank
  • Seven Bank
  • The Norinchukin Bank
  • The Japan Net Bank
■ Owned vehicle

●Large, Medium Bus

  • 50 seater/Super high decker
  • 50 seater/Super high decker salon
  • 52 seater/Super high decker
  • 53 seater/Super high decker salon
  • 28 seater/High decker salon
  • 27 seater/High decker salon

●Microbus, Hire

  • 28 seater/microbus
  • 25 seater/ Micro Salon Bus
  • 24 seater/location bus
  • 18 seater/location bus
  • 17 seater/location bus
  • 9 seater/Location bus
  • 8 seater/location bus
  • 7 seater / Alphard
  • 6 seater/Location bus
  • 4 seater/Lexus LS500h
  • 4 seater/Audi A8L
  • 19 seater/microbus
  • 18 seater/micro salon bus etc...


  • 9 seater/jumbo taxi
  • 6 seater/jumbo taxi
  • 8 seater/care lift taxi
  • 5 seater/ taxi
  • 4 seater/ taxi
  • 4 seater/non-smoking taxi etc...

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Business content / Service

Charter Bus

Chartered bus

For sightseeing and Charter buses, please contact Jonan Kotsu Co., Ltd. In ourSuper High DeckerfromMedium High Decker, Minibus wide variety of up tovehicleswe offer. There is also a salon-specificvehicle.

Chartered Bus

Location bus

Location Bus

We have prepared a "location bus" that is ideal for location activities for TV programs, commercial production, news and publishing staff. Please feel free to contact us. Jonan Kotsu Co., Ltd. is a member of "Location Bus Association".

Location Bus

Taxi / Jumbo Taxi

Speaking of jumbo taxis and taxis in Hiroshima, Jonan Kotsu Co., Ltd.

Free pick up fee. It is popular with customers, saying, "The fee starts after you get on the car, so it's easy on your wallet." We also have jumbo taxis with extensive onboard facilities. All cars will be picked up by GPS so that you can pick them up quickly!

Taxi / Jumbo Taxi


Speaking of Hiroshima hire, Jonan Kotsu Co., Ltd.

The hire of Jonan Kotsu Co., Ltd. uses genuine leather seats for all vehicles. We promise a high-quality car with a high-class feel and a superb movement space. It can be used for various purposes such as business, commuting, golf transfer, and ceremonial occasions.


Hiroshima sightseeing plan

Hiroshima sightseeing plan

Please leave Jonan Transportation Co., Ltd. for sightseeing, chartering, and transportation in and around Hiroshima Prefecture . We will propose a sightseeing and charter plan that meets your needs. Please feel free to contact us.

Hiroshima Sightseeing Plan



Jonan Kotsu Driver and staff crew logbook. We will guide you through sightseeing spots and souvenir information from the perspective of a professional driver.

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Inquiries / Reservations


For inquiries regarding usage, please feel free to contact us by E-mail or inquiry form.